How to install ICC color profiles (.icc files) in Phase One Capture One Pro

How to install custom color profiles? 

 When working with Sessions, the ICC profile will be included in the settings files located within the image folder. This ensures that you can move the image folder to another computer — and still have all the necessary components available for viewing the images exactly the same way on the other computer. 

  If you want to use a custom ICC profile on another computer running Capture One, you can simply import the profile. 

  Method 1:  

  1. Go to the Color tool tab -> Base Characteristics panel -> ICC Profile. 2. From the drop-down menu choose Import and select your custom camera profile. 

 If this option does not work, you can import your custom camera profiles manually as described below. 

 Method 2: 

 1. Paste your custom camera profile in the folder. 

 On a Mac system: 

 In the Applications folder, where Capture One is installed, right-click on the application and select Show Package Contents. 

Then navigate to Contents/Frameworks/AppCore.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Profiles/Input 

 On a Windows system: 

Navigate to C:/Program Files/CaptureOne/Capture One [version]/Color Profiles/Common

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